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The Impossible Quiz 2

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the-impossible-quiz-2Our favorite quiz returned with the new tricky questions and mind-twisting answers. The Impossible Quiz 2 was developed by Splapp-me-do and promoted by NotDoppler.com.Just like the previous version of the game, the second one offers you a big variety of tricky questions with unpredictable answers. You must think outside the box to answer those questions. Some of the questions may not have the traditional multiple choice answers, you must find the answer by yourself, it may be hidden somewhere on the stage or even be inside the question itself. Impossible Quiz 2 requires logic and specific skills to pass.

The developer added a very useful option to the second edition of the impossible quiz - a Skip button. Simply click the Skip button to move to the next question but remember that there are only 3 "skips" available so use the wisely. The number of questions in this edition is even bigger than in previous one, so it will take a lot of time and break your nerves until you reach the finish. Remember that the game is rather huge, this means that it requires some time to load in your browser, so be patient. Also keep in mind that if you fail all the time it's not a good idea to crush the computer or something like this - you can always find answers to the impossible quiz 2 at our website. Have a great time with us and don't forget to share your thoughts.

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